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The development of Bird of the Inner Eye received funding from

OPERA America’s Opera Grants for Female Composers program,
supported by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.


Additional Funding from 


Kash & Melissa Boodjeh • Monica & Frank Bumb

CAOS and FACE • Debi Cooper • Karen & Charles Davy
Lori Dengler & Tom Lisle • Julie Fulkerson • Chuck Gould

Humboldt Arts Council • Mary Louise Lowry
Keith & Mariel Morison • Bonnie Neely • Felicia Oldfather
Frank Onstine • Stephanie Perrett
Lewis & Lucy Quinby • Thompson H. Rogers

Carol & Les Scher • Dale Preston & Kay Sennott

Alexandra Stillman • Lynne & Bob Wells • Robert & Desirée Yarber 


Morris Graves Foundation

Eve Simon Foundation   

Wells Fund, Humboldt Area Foundation


Pat Bitton • Bob Doran • Lawrence Fong

Marcia Frederick • Stacy Houdek • Joyce Hough & Fred Neighbor

Laura Hussey • Marla Joy • Pam Mendelsohn • Claudia & Charlie Myers

Lou Litzky & Suzanne Simpson


These lists are as of August 20, 2021. We appreciate and thank donors
who have joined us since.


MG at The Lake 1965.jpeg

Morris Graves was like a totem

one came across in the Northwestern woods, 

mysterious and majestic,

followed by birds seen with him

and by him only.

--Merce Cunningham

Morris Graves in 1965 at “The Lake”
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